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Eric Close
The "Save Now and Again" campaign is being led by the "Now and Again" mailing list at The group, which consists of more than 400 members from around the world, swung into action the very day that "Now and Again" was canceled. So far, they have sent hundreds of letters to CBS and Paramount executives, as well as media outlets around the country.

The latest news

9.4.2000: Yes! There still is a campaign going on! Dark Horizons was kind enough to plug the campaign for us. Now that the show has premiered in Australia, there's a whole new influx of fans who were extremely ticked that it got cancelled after one season. September 22nd is the anniversary mail drop (hey, it's a Friday). Send an anniversary card to CBS with the note that it's been a year since it first premiered and you still want the show back! "Survivor" is over for now; CBS doesn't have that to hide behind.

Also, we've been writing the Sci-Fi Channel for reruns AT THE VERY LEAST. Check out the addresses page for details.

6.15.2000: Paramount took the sets down after spending a lot of cash to keep them up. This is when everyone panicked and updates stopped.

6.13.2000: It's been a busy week! We were featured at TV Guide Online as a daily news story last week, and this week we're planning the long-rumored egg drop to CBS.

6.7.2000: Did you all send your postcards yesterday? We hope you did! We made the Wire at today:

Fans of Now and Again, the SF series recently canceled by CBS, planned to inundate the network with letters of protest on June 6. About 440 fans on a Now and Again e-mail list collected letters and postcards for a mail drop to urge the show's renewal. The mail campaign coincided with the annual Saturn Awards ceremony, in which Now and Again took top honors as best network show.

Also, in your letters - don't give up yet! - be sure to mention the three - count 'em, THREE - Saturn Awards that "Now and Again" won last night! It was named Best Sci-Fi show, and won for best supporting actor - Yay Dennis Haysbert! - and best actress - Yay Margaret Colin!

6.1.200: Our ad appeared in the May 30th edition of the Hollywood Reporter! A big applause and much thanks goes out to those of you who contributed. To see the ad, go here.

How can you help?

Write a letter! We're encouraging everyone who was a fan of the show to write. Help us spread the word that we want to see this program back on the air! Every letter helps.

Remember to be positive when writing your letters. Talk about what a great show it was, and mention the high quality of the writing and acting. Don't resort to name calling or anything. That won't help.

Go here for addresses and names to write to!

Send an egg! Emphasize your point by sending CBS a PLASTIC EGG with a message inside asking the network to bring back "Now and Again."

"Now and Again" write out: On Friday nights, during "Now and Again"'s time slot, take a moment to write and e-mail both CBS and your local CBS affiliates to let them know how dissapointed you are that "Now and Again" isn't on. Let them know how much the show is missed.