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Now and Again cast

About "Now and Again"

"Now and Again" starred Eric Close as Michael Wiseman, a middle-aged insurance salesman (a cameo appearance in the series premiere by John Goodman) who goes to catch a subway train one day after work, is accidentally pushed in front of an oncoming train, and ends up a brain inbiting a genetically engineered body created by the United States government. The remainder of the season centered around the conflict between Michael's responsibility to the government's project and the creator of his new body, Dr. Theodore Morris (Dennis Haysbert), and his natural desire to reunite with his wife, Lisa (Margaret Colin), and daughter, Heather (Heather Matarazzo). Gerrit Graham also starred.

 The show was a favorite among television critics from the first episode. The following are links to reviews about the show that appeared in various publications throughout the season: